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SOCOM Closed-Tine Flash Hider

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Your Price: $114.00
Part Number: SFCT-556-1-2-28
Availability: Out of Stock.
SureFire designs and manufactures a wide variety of firearms accessories, from weapon lights to suppressors. The leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful lights, SureFire is synonymous with excellence in handheld illumination.

The Closed Tine Flash Hider/Suppressor Adapter is a secure platform for SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach Suppressors and serves as a standalone muzzle device. This device closely resembles an A2 style birdcage flash hider and includes wrench flats for ease of installation. Precision machined from heat-treated stainless steel, the adapter is highly resistant to gas and particle erosion and utilizes multiple bearing surfaces for proper suppressor alignment.

  • CNC-machined for precise suppressor alignment
  • Heat-treated stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly effective flash hider
  • Length: 2.33"

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