How to order

How does Shipping work?

Shipping parts to us- You are responsible for postage and shipping your parts to us to be worked on. You will receive instructions on your order confirmation email that detail how to mark your shipment and the address in which to ship it.

Return Shipping - Return shipping is calculated when you submit your order through our website. Please indicate the courier service that you would like and if you want the shipment insured and for what value.


How do I get pricing for a service?

Pricing for most services we offer are available right on our website. If you take a look at the heading bar at the top of our website, it will take you to all of our product pages which give details about each service and pricing.

Pin and welds

Can/Should I install my muzzle device prior to sending it in?

You are welcome to install your muzzle device yourself prior to sending it in. Otherwise, we are happy to install it for you in the orientation / timing you select prior to pinning and welding it.

Can I send a complete upper?

Yes, you can send your pin and weld job in as a complete upper. 

Barrel shortening and threading

What dimensions are barrels threaded to?

The thread length will be as follows:

Centerfire rifles - 0.625" thread length

Pistols - We do not thread pistols

Rimfire - 0.40 / 0.45 / 0.50" as dictated by the customer.

LMT Barrel conversions

What barrels can you convert to work with the Lewis Machine and Tool MRP system?

Please refer to our product page here for details on the service and what barrels work best.